Games Have A Week To Sell Or They're Dead, Says Capcom

Speaking with Capcom's Christian Svensson, MTV decided to ask how the company decides when a game's time is up. When we won't care and retailers won't care, and it's time to pull the plug and stop making the thing. The answer they got is mighty interesting:

The sales life cycle of a product is shrinking", said Svensson. If a game undersells its first month at retail, it's finished at retail. Often, though, it's quicker: if a game underperforms its first week, it is more than likely "dead on arrival".

Awfully harsh. For further enlightenment on related matters such as sales projections and DS cartridge manufacturing processes, hit the link below.
Deciding The Fate of Dante and 'Phoenix' — How Capcom Predicts Game Sales [MTV]


    Maybe if Capcom printed their games for longer?
    How hard was it for people to buy the Pheonix Wright games originally?

    Also, I still haven't even seen a copy of Zac and Wiki in stores here in Canberra...

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