GameStop Sells $US 7.1 Billion In 2007

Another year, another record sales figure for the world's largest video game retailer. GameStop has posted their financial results for the fourth quarter of 2007 and the year as a whole, and things are looking damn good for the company. Sales were up 33% in 2007, for a total of $US 7.1 billion in sales, with net earnings of $US 288.3 million - a jump of 82%. $US 189.8 million of those net earnings were for the fourth quarter alone, a result of the completely insane holiday sales season. Riding on these huge numbers, the company expects sales to jump another 19-21% over the next year, driven by strong software releases and the opening of another 575-600 stores. You can hit the jump for the full press release if you'd like to pour over the numbers, but the main point here is that $US 7.1 billion was definitely not all me, so where are you guys getting all this money? More importantly, can I borrow some? I need to buy some T-shirts.


    I really hate to see a middle man making so much profit off other peoples work. This money needs to go directly to the developers, who only get the scraps leftover after everyone else takes their cut. Digital distribution gives the power and profits where they should go, the way of the future.

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