Gearbox Boss "Shares Contempt" For In-Game Ads

Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford recently signed off on an in-game advertising deal with ad company Double Fusion. Cue upset gamers saying all kinds of nasty things to Randy both behind, and in front of, his back. Well, he's having none of that, and has set the record straight on what the deal means for upcoming Gearbox games, not only promising "we hate exploitive advertising that doesn't offer value to the gamer", but also providing examples of how it's being implemented into their next Brothers in Arms game - dare I say it - tastefully, by using only era-appropriate companies and artwork (in this case, a battle featuring a circa-1944 Philips factory in the Netherlands). If like me you keep a small fire burning for all things historically interesting, it's a good read.
Game Ads Done Right [Gearboxity]


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