genesis4iphone, Exactly What It Sounds Like

The ZodTTD has already shown us how well the iPhone can do Super Nintendo emulation with snes4iphone, and now they're taking on the other side of that ancient console war with genesis4iphone. Due for a public release sometime later this week, genesis4iphone not only emulates Genesis games, but Sega CD titles as well. Sound is a little iffy at the moment, but the option of landscape or portrait mode is nifty, and the games seem to run quickly despite the choppy audio. While I still haven't hopped on the iPhone bandwagon, projects like this have me looking through my AT&T Wireless upgrade options just a little more wistfully each day.

Video of genesis4iphone (second beta) in action! [ZodTTD Blog]


    Hey I love the pacman start up calendar..mind telling me where you got it from.

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