Get Your Very Own Crocheted Prinny/Witzbold

Kotakuite BrynnFlynn let us know that there's an eBay auction going on currently for a Disagea Prinny ... or is that a Witzbold?:

I was looking for something new and unique to crochet, and so I thought "Hey, why not make a little Prinny?" A few hours of mad crocheting and accidents later, I had a Prinny from the popular video game series Disgaea. Then I thought, "Hey, why not make it into a Witzbold?" Another hour of messing around with different yarns later, and I had a little replica of the infamous "Banhammer Wielder" from, the most popular gaming website on the internet.

And there's even a crocheted ban hammer to go with it. Awwww. It can be yours for the current low low bid of $US 5.99, which is way, way cheaper than most of the crocheted curiosities we post.

Crocheted Prinny/Witzbold - HANDMADE!


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