Gore Verbinski Pontificates About "Zero Narrative"

Pirates of Caribbean director Gore Verbinski is excited. Not so much about movies, but games. Just like at DICE, he's very peppy and very clueless. That's okay! So, what interests Verbinski about games?

I'm interested in creating completely new genres. I'm interested in exploring an emotional response to a game, which I haven't really seen. I've seen the visceral adrenaline response, but I haven't really played a game where I feel...tremendous loss... The initial response is that gaming needs good writing. I've heard that. They need screenwriters. Well, hold on a second. Before you jump to that conclusion, I don't want to impose cinema's narrative onto a completely different medium. I think that's naive. The fact that the player is also the audience means you shouldn't be imposing a scenario where the audience is passive. Don't put those rules onto gaming. So out of that came in my mind new forms of narrative. I said, "Well, wait a minute, what if there is zero narrative?"

The game would be a fucking mess that's what. That, or Gears of War. Keen as ever, Verbinski's in the early stages of planning some sort of gaming secret project. Hope it doesn't suck.

Verbinski's Game [Los Angeles Times Thanks, hogarth1!][Pic]


    I only clicked this cause I thought it had something to do with Yahtzee...

    *sad face*

    Loss = Tradegy, Tradegy = Hero dies.

    Player's don't like being forced to die in a video game. So good luck with that, it's not as easy as it sounds to pull off.

    Now onto mocking Verbinski's lack of knowledge of the medium: If you haven't played a video game that made you experience loss, you haven't played many video games.

    Aeris is dead! Let us shed a tear! :'( (FF7)
    Tidius has to sacrifice himself? :'( (FF10)
    Kid is dying! Let us shed a tear! :'( (Chrono Cross)
    Kid is dead! What? We just saved her! Dam! :'( (Chrono Cross)
    Meche is cheated and dealt a cruel fate! :'( (Grim Fandango)
    Meche is kidnapped again! :'( (Grim Fandango)
    Meche hates me! :'( (Grim Fandango)

    I could list more, if I played RPGs and story games predominately rather than just every now and then.

    Does Zero Narrative sound like a bad idea yet? Okay, here we go:
    "The Legend of Jack Sparrow" - basically had "Zero Narrative" and sucked balls. I know, cause I bought it, then after three stale levels put it on my shelf and haven't touched it since. I'd try and sell it, but I don't think anyone but me is stupid enough to buy it.

    Maybe if Verbinski played some real video games instead of just crappy PoTC movie tie-ins he'd know a thing or two about video games.

    Goredoesnt have a freaking clue what hes talking about. Someone said Games = Money, and now a waning hollywood scrambles to figure it out. I can see alot of terrible games coming out from these hollywood crossovers, who honestly dont know what constitutes a good game, and dont know how hard it is to produce a success. Movies are a cakewalk compared to making game mechanics and story work.
    This dude should start with a few simple projects before he gets all these fantastical ideas that have no doubt been tried and failed. Thats what Spielbergs doing.

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