Government Looking For Your Advice On R18+ Rating For Games

r18_left.jpgIt’s unbelievable, I know, but the Attorneys-General have decided to give us a chance to voice our opinions on the need for an R18+ rating for games in Australia. The agreement was made at last week’s SCAG meeting.

If you think this is odd (seriously, it’s right up there with pineapple on pizza) you’ll be even more wigged out by the duo that’s against the move.According to, the Eros Foundation – which support the pornographic industry – and the Australian Christian Lobby, aren’t thrilled by the AGs’ proposition. The ACL stands by the age-old argument that the interactive nature of games puts it in a different category to movies and books, while Eros believes the topic is of inferior importance to the regulation of X-rated films.

Unfortunately, the AGs haven’t outlined how exactly they’re going to get our feedback, but be sure to watch this space, as we’ll fill it in with details once we have them.

We’re not there yet, folks, but progress is being made, whether Michael Atkinson likes it or not.

Strange bedfellows oppose R18+ games debate [, thanks Gavan]


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