Grand Theft Auto IV To Feature Soundtrack Music Downloads Via In-Game Phone

Rockstar is taking a stab at the music download business, using Grand Theft Auto IV as the weapon. Yahoo writes today that Rockstar Games and Amazon have partnered to bring digital downloads of the game's radio tracks to the GTA playing masses, using protagonist Niko's cell phone and the newly announced Rockstar Social Club as part of the delivery method.

Whenever you hear something from the 200-plus song soundtrack you dig, send a text message via your virtual mobile phone to a "ZiT" number. Amazon will build a custom playlist of the songs you like, if you're also registered via the Rockstar Social Club. Sure, it sounds a bit clunky, but also a bit cool. The MP3s are reported to be DRM-free, meaning the soundtrack from GTA IV can become the soundtrack for any other game that supports custom playlists. More details on the whole synergy shebang over at Yahoo Videogames.

GTA IV Unveils New Music Download Model [Yahoo]


    post the music nutcases we want to hear the theme song

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