GTA Hot Coffee Modder Gives Retrospective

As part of EGM's extensive GTA IV preview coming out in their April issue, the feature an interview with Patrick Wildenborg, the Dutch modder who was credited with discovering GTA San Andreas' Hot Coffee content. In the still choppy wake of the greatest scandal to ever impact the video game world, it's interesting to read Wildenborg's response.

We never anticipated how this thing was going to be blown out of proportion by the mainstream media and the politicians...

He continues:

'm still proud of finding and uncovering the [Hot Coffee]scenes - because of all the work and research it took... When I look back at it, I think [Rockstar]should have reacted differently, but I don't hold a grudge at all.

Then he added, "So Rockstar, pllleeeeasssee send me a free copy of GTAIV."

OK, he didn't actually say that last part.

Hot Coffee Rewind: Famed Dutch Modder Talks to EGM [GamePolitics]


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