GTA IV Intro Leaked?

Could this be the artsy intro to Grand Theft Auto IV as shown on a Playstation 3 in the darkened room of some yappy reviewer? Perhaps, certainly looks possible, but honestly it doesn't really show us much, in fact it almost feels like a tease released by Rockstar: It's just enough to tantalise without giving anything away or showing any substance.

[Thanks Joey]


    If it is Rockstar that did this it's pretty smart. When something is anticipated like this people want to have it FIRST!!! SO making people think someone has a copy more than a month before you gets you that much more pumped up to get it second.

    With a game this anticipated Id be very surprised if anyone in the dev team or marketing would let any journo alone with a disc for long enough to do that. But then again Im not in the business so i guess im just talking out of my butt.

    But yeah, looks to me like a controlled leak

    someone in the business must of show this video to get all of us fans hyped up for the release and they could get many of us exited, well i pre orderd mine
    from game in uk i hope u fans and people get this game =)

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