Guitar Hero: The Beatles May Be Coming, If Activision Wants It

Now that Activision has confirmed Aerosmith is getting its own Guitar Hero release, with a rumoured Van Halen version in the works, where to next? Perhaps the Beatles? If the music publishing company that has the rights to the Fab Four's catalog has their way, it just might happen.

According to a report from the LA Times, Sony/ATV chairman and CEO Marty Bandier says that Guitar Hero: The Beatles is "something we have talked about and something I'd like to pursue". Whether that "we" was "me and Activision" or "me and my closest yes-men" wasn't specified, but I would think that, given the right arrangement, Bobby Kotick would agree to such a deal. Maybe we'll get a sitar controller after all.

Beatles tunes might make it to Guitar Hero [LA Times]


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