Halo 3 Helps Gamer Get New Kidney

Getting a gamer to sit down and play Halo 3 is easy. Getting them to throw in $US 10 for a tournament may, under any other circumstances, be slightly more difficult. But when it's for a good call, like raising money to help a fellow gamer afford a much-needed kidney transplant, I'm sure many of us wouldn't give it a second thought.On March 22, the Femme Fatales will be holding a tournament to help their fellow clan member, Beenie (aka RagingJellyBean), raise money for a much-needed kidney transplant. For $US 10, you can enter in either a 4x4 or Free For All Tournament, and compete for a cause. Or, those not wishing to play can make a donation directly to the RJB Charity Paypal account.
According to a friend of Beenie's, there are two things you should know about her:
1) She is not sick. She has some medical issues, but she'll never let you call her sick.
2) She is a hard core Halo player.
For more info on how you can help out a fellow gamer, sign up here.

Play Halo 3, Help Beenie Get a New Kidney [Hawty McBloggy]


    Why the hell does a kidney transplant cost money?? What the hell country do these people live in? Hell?

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