Halo, Gears of War, Final Fantasy VII Characters on PS3

Thank Unreal Tournament III, UTIII mods and a UTIII mod-friendly PS3! These mods were brought to us by the folks at UT.PS3, so kudos to them for cooking them up. Still waiting patiently for the long overdue Mario UTIII mod. Make it happen!


UTIII Mods [GameTrailers Forums]


    damn i smell lawsuits coming from those copyright holders. red vs blue isn't actually allowed to use the master chiefs likeness and has special permission from microsoft for red vs blue. a master chief model that accurate on a ps3 is going to raise a few hackles and get the lawyers salivating for sure. marcus fenix is an unrealIII model to all intents and purposes, most of the models packaged look like him to begin with. i don't know why anyone would actually bother with converting him.

    Ur joking right...

    play Ut 2004 on PC they have exact replicas of Master Chief from halo 2... and um its unofficial content you n00b lol

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