Hands On With 1942: Joint Strike

Fans of the 194X franchise of games are going to be excited about this offering from Capcom's Digital Day, 1942: Joint Strike. This new title takes its inspiration from the original games being a top down vertical shooter and long time players will no doubt get a rush of nostalgia playing it. But this isn't your father's 1942. The graphics of course have been completely revamped in HD and while it still retains its 2D gameplay, all the graphics will utilise a 3D engine.

Also diverging from the original is the storyline which takes place during a fictional World War II. All the trappings of the real WWII are there, but Capcom assures us that this WWII takes place in a completely alternate universe from our own. Up to two players locally or over online can play special missions outside of the single player campaign and teaming up has its advantages. Special weapons and power ups are available as well as extra special Joint Strike attacks that will send your enemies into tailspin.

My time with 1942: Joint Strike was entertaining and much like Commando 3, I really enjoyed it despite my initial misgivings. The graphics looked super sharp, nearly photo realistic, and the controls were smooth and easy to get used to. The graphic treatment of the menu system was great too, providing an olde time look that added some nice character to the game. If you are a fan of the original series of 194X titles, this is one that should definitely be on your list of downloads. And in case you were wondering (and I know you were) 1942: Joint Strike will be available in two flavors, XBLA and PSN for $US 9.99 this summer.


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