Happy Birthday Chuck Norris

Happy Birthday Chuck Norris

Some babies are born head first….others feet first…but only one was born beard first. 68 years ago today in Oklahoma a legend was born. Carlos Ray Norris was once a shy, non-athletic boy, who was often tormented by his classmates for his mixed native-American heritage, but he used his lust for revenge to help him become the most powerful being on the face of the earth. As an Air Policeman (I’d assume sans plane, just flying round and arresting people) in the US Air Force he would earn the nickname Chuck and started studying the martial arts so hard that he had to create his own – Chun Kuk Do – because nothing else was good enough. Actor, arse kicker, inventor of the roundhouse kick, and star of the Atari 2600 game Chuck Norris Superkicks, without Chuck’s influence the video game industry would just be a bunch of cutesy pet sims. Let it ring across Barrens chat on every server – Happy Birthday Chuck Norris! He might be 68-years-old, but he could still kick all of our asses at once without even blinking.

Special thanks to Kevin for reminding us of this special day!


  • So…….

    Chuck Norris has his birthday on the same day as me………

    And we’ve never been seen in the same place together…………….

    And I am called “Chuck”……………………….


  • March 11?

    Damn, my mate thought it was March 10th, sharing a birthday with another friend of mine.

    Ah well…

    Next year, he’ll be 69!

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