Harmonix: No DLC for Rock Band Wii...Yet

As soon as I received the press release announcing Rock Band Wii's ship date, I emailed back to find out what the deal would be when it comes to downloadable content.

Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions have it and Rock Band gamers have been responsible for more than six million downloads so Nintendo would certainly support it... right? Right? Guys?

Not so much.

Regarding downloadable content: During Rock Band for the Wii development Harmonix focused on making the core gameplay experience as solid and enjoyable as possible while tailoring it specifically to the strengths of the platform. The Wii version still contains the robust four-player band experience and all the fun at the core of other versions of Rock Band. However, because the Wii's online capabilities and potential have yet to be fully realised, we wanted to wait before we explored online functionality for Rock Band to ensure that players get the high-quality of online performance they've come to expect.

Way to stick to your online-gaming-hating ways Nintendo. I'm sure one of these days someone over at Nintendo Japan is going to wake up and suddenly realise that there's this neat thing called the Internet.

I contacted Nintendo for comment but haven't heard back yet, maybe they forgot my Friend Code.


    wat is the ship date for rock band on wii?

    sorry, i no the date for america, i meant australia :P

    Nice job harmonix trying to focus on all this "Core Gameplay" junk. The Wii does not have the best online connection but it still has it. Why can't you have one crew of people focusing on "Core Gameplay" and another crew focusing on thing like online play. I have a Wii and i have been playing Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock and it seems that.... It has online play. As a matter of fact the online play works great and includes ranked and unranked matches, Career Mode, And Vs. matches. If the Guitar Hero Team Can do It why can't you???????????????

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