Haze Is PS3 Exclusive "For Now" (Sigh)

Ah, yes. Timed "exclusives". Originally, Ubisoft's Haze was scheduled for the PS3, the Xbox 360 and the PC. Then! It was slated as a PS3 exclusive. What does that mean? According to a Ubisoft spokesperson, Haze is:

...exclusive on the PS3 for now.

For now? Not 100 percent positive on what that's hinting at, but if it's hinting at what I think it is, allow me this little rant: These timed exclusives are all kinds of lame. Just put it on all systems already! Who wants sloppy seconds anyway?
Haze Exclusive [CVG][Pic]


    didnt they said they cancel pc, and 360 version back in november?

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