Heavenly Swords Need No Metal

While flipping through the internet this morning, we came across this pretty decent fan-made Heavenly Sword sword. We were a little surprised to find that it was made an a school's shop class, though.

Instead of making some stupid cabinet or a DVD shelf like the rest of the class, I decided to make something a little more original...Ironical, I was the first one to get cut by my sword. I let a kid hold it and he got a little power hungry, started swinging it around and cut my in the arm. For a wooden sword, it sure cuts well.

Don't tell his teacher. Here's a bonus shot:

news_img_7731_3.jpgCake-loving home ec students, we're looking in your direction for a proper rebuttal.

Real Life Heavenly Sword [GameGrep via PS3Fanboy]


    Looks awesome!

    Unless he made it in Victoria...then it's a felony.

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