Hitman Movie Takes Out Tuesday

If you were one of the many millions who opted to skip the Hollywood adaptation of Hitman during its theatrical run, you will soon have the option of enjoying it from the comfort of your couch. The DVD and Blu-ray street date for the Timothy Olyphant-starring flick is tomorrow, Tuesday March 11, with special edition unrated versions featuring digital copies of the film.

It may not have had the best response from critics, but the masses and Roger Ebert seemed to like it. And he knows what's what. Any huge Hitman fans picking this one up?


    wow a digital copy, finally a disk i won't have to play on the phonograph.

    I loved it, personally. Saw it twice and even better the second time. I'll definitely pick it up on blu ray if I get a PS3.

    There's going to be an HD-DVD release right?

    ...Right? ...Hello?

    *Tumbleweed is drowned out by cricket sounds*

    Well at least it has a digital copy... I expected this to be laserdisc only.

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