Holocaust Survivor Criticises WWII Game

British game developer Luc Bernard is under fire from a Holocaust survivor for his newest game in the works, Imagination is the Only Escape. Survivor Jack Kagan of Belarus said that he was outraged at the idea of the game, that the Holocaust is a very serious subject for all of humanity, and no one should make a game like this one. Bernard responded that the game was meant to educate people, particularly children, about the events of the Holocaust. Kagan wouldn't buy it, though, and said that people should be educated about the Holocaust by watching and reading things instead. After all of this back and forth, there isn't even confirmation yet that Imagination is the Only Escape will actually be released anywhere. Nintendo so far has said there are no plans to release the game in North America, and Nintendo Europe says it is "not yet been contacted by developer Luc Bernard regarding the release".

Personally, I think this is absurd. As a kid, I was fascinated by the Holocaust, and I think making this material more accessible for children is more than a good idea, it's downright essential. If this is the only way some people will learn about something so important as the Holocaust, then this game should absolutely see the light of day. Not to mention I find it incredibly hard to stomach that a game educating people about the events of the Holocaust is under fire, when there are so many games glorifying the violent aspects of the war.

UPDATE: Bernard has contacted us, and said that he's explained the remarks to Kagan, who now wishes him the best of luck and agrees with the idea. He says he has also been contacted to move the title from the DS to the Wii, and Alten8 remains the only company that appears willing to take on the risky game. Bernard says they'll distribute the title on their own if need be.

Survivor outraged by Nintendo game [The Jewish Chronicle]


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