Home Team Anticipating, Fearing User-Generated Content

Sony's Ron Festejo is creative director for the PS3's Home project. As such, he's obviously excited about all things creative, especially the possibility of Home users creating their own content via in-game tools. Excited and scared. Scared at the thought of innocent little kids being exposed to people walking around with cocks scrawled all over their avatar's custom T-shirt.

Obviously the Holy Grail is to give people the tools to create their own things, but it's a difficult path to tread I think.

Festejo says the problem with allowing users free reign over custom content is that Sony just don't have an adequate means of policing and moderating the content. Yet. I'm sure the first 12 year-old girl to appear on Fox News after being propositioned by a cock-shirt-wearing teenager will change all that.
User-generated content the "Holy Grail," says Home team [GI.biz]


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