Horrifically Hacked Smash Bros. Brawl Features Freakachudorf

Remember that horribly freakish Pikachu stand up? If not, his digital doppelganger is here to remind you what nightmares are made of. In this spoiler-filled clip of a hacked version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the cast of the Wii fighter has their move sets swapped, resulting in some very odd animations and horrible disfigurements. For those who don't want to spoil themselves on many hidden characters, just re-imagine Brawl as if Chris Cunningham and Richard D. James had provided the game's direction and motion capture.

BrawlCentral's Videos [YouTube - thanks, Hanibal!]


    oh my...pikachu...oh...goodness...

    Those last two really are frightening. It's like Pikachu is straight out of some crazy Dali painting.

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