How To Get Around Microsoft's Shitty DRM

It's a safe assumption: many of you will have been jerked around by Microsoft's bum digital rights management setup for the 360. You've bought content, lost a console, and now can't play arcade games or use DLC unless you're online. Chin up, eh? Courtesy of Consumerist reader James, there's a way around it! James called up Microsoft support and hassled them about transferring the license from his old console to his new, replacement one. VoilĂ ! The content was tagged to his new 360 instead of the old one, and James can play with the stuff he paid for whenever and wherever he likes. As should always have been the case. Only downside? There's two: it took 32 days for Microsoft to transfer the license, and there's no way of confirming whether this was due to some new Microsoft policy or the fact James is an expert at complaining.
Microsoft May Slowly Be Fixing Their Broken XBOX DRM [Consumerist][Pic]


    Wow. That's like, really, really old, common knowledge news there guys.

    I've had it happen with my console, I know countless others that have as well.

    For us Aussie 360 owners the way to go about easily is to PM Rockpen on the Xbox Australia forums and he'll set it all up for you.

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