How to Selectively Read Kotaku

Personally, I think Kotaku is at least 99.9 percent gold. I'd like to think we are, in fact filler free. I do know for a fact that all of Kotaku writers, myself included, only post the stuff they find interesting. But the fact is we do a crapload of posts in a given day. A fact I'm sure you are well aware of if you're a Kotaku regular. Not only do we post a story every 20 minutes on the site during the day, we have our night crew who slave away on the site while the sun is in the other hemisphere.

Keeping up for some can be quite a drag. So we created the day and night notes. Not only does this allow Ash and I to communicate with one another, but it gives us both a chance to point out some of the best stories of our shift.

But that still might not be what you're looking for. So here's another solution, the master list to all of our tagged RSS feeds. That's right every single tag we use on the site, from 1080p to Zune, has its one RSS feed. Go hog wild, but don't come complaining to me when you miss a feature on Objectivism on BioShock or us breaking the news that Peter Moore quit Microsoft.

RSS Feeds Master List [Kotaku AU]


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