Hyper Multi-Tap Is Dead. Galactic Multi-Tap Lifts Off!

Announcement time! That's right, Hyper Multi-Tap is changing its format. Up until, say, last Friday, the only reward those commenters nominated for Multi-Tap got was a happy feeling. Ditto for those kind enough to nominate them! But, we'd like to do more. You know, repay you for making brilliant comments and nominating them as well. So! Here's what we are going to do: Award a Kotaku Star (see above) to those commenters who make Multi-Tap, plus one to those who nominate. Keep in mind, that we are only doing seven comments for Galactic Multi-Tap. (Hopefully, the best ones!) What happens to those who repeatedly nominate or make it into Multi-Tap? They won't get extra Kotaku Stars, but rather, a warm place in our cold, bitter hearts.

Galactic Multi-Tap launches this Friday.


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