I Wonder What Will Break Next

To: Ash & Luke
From: Maggie
Subject: Cooking without a sink is hard to do.

So yesterday afternoon, I broke out the Cuisinart, the KitchenAid, and supplies for making gratin dauphinois and kolach. We had a potluck lunch for our research seminar today and I'd promised to bring two food items. The gratin went swimmingly, and I was all prepped to commence with making bread when I noticed that my sink was backed up. Really, really backed up. And the garbage disposal sounded distinctly unhappy. When my landlord's handyman showed up this morning, I was lectured for five minutes on why I shouldn't put anything down the garbage disposal. 'But it's a garbage disposal! I just put potato peelings down it, not wood chips!' I said. I was then lectured for a few more minutes on how the garbage disposals don't work and I shouldn't be using it for its intended purpose. Wouldn't it be smart to tell people this when they move in instead of chastising them months down the line? It's just one of a multitude of problems I've had in this apartment. Here's hoping the next place we rent is a little better on the maintenance side of things.

Things you might have missed this weekend:

Blizzard vs. Glider is really heating up;
The Video Game Name Generator Competition entries are silly and kinda fun;
In unsubstantiated reports, the GTA IV achievements may have been leaked;
Puma has created some really hideous Tetris sneakers.

Since my sink's back in commission, I'm off to make some bread, smush in some Crisis Core, and get some work done. It's back to school tomorrow (boo). Hope y'all have a good week.


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