IndieCade ’08 Submissions Now Open

IndieCade ’08 Submissions Now Open

IndieCade is a festival of independent games that makes appearances all over the place; this year, they’ll be at events in Hangzhou, E3, E for All, PAX, and a couple of other places. And, like their name would imply, they’re out showcasing independent games. The call recently went out for independent game submissions for the 2008 festivals. The rules look pretty flexible, with the primary requirement being that no major developer’s money has crossed your palm in reference to the submitted game:

To be eligible for IndieCade, your game must not have funding from a major publisher …. You can have other deals with these publishers; your game just can’t. There is no age requirement for submission.

IndieCade has an inclusive submissions policy and invites submission of all styles and genres of games, including PC, browser-based, casual, puzzle, mobile, ARGs, Big Games and installation-based games (submitted via video if not playable on-site), mods (provided they conform to game engine licensing agreements), serious games, activist games, art games, virtual worlds and “sandbox” style games, and more! We also welcome student games and games developed by universities, schools and non-profit organizations. All entries should have a digital component, but hybrid games are not only welcome, but encouraged. Innovation is the name of the game.

That’s quite a lot of options. The submission period closes 11 April; games will be judged by a panel, and finalists will be notified by mid-May.

IndieCade Submissions

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