Is This The New PlayStation Store?

This morning we were sent an anonymous tip from a developer claiming to have a sneak peek at the soon to be revamped PlayStation Store. That pic, seen above, shows much of what we talked about in our original story on the PSN overhaul, but features a handful of things we hadn't heard about before, including animated icons that could be used to represent games in the shopping interface and improved controller navigation. While authentic looking and sharper than the current store, a few nitpicking details make us doubtful of its validity.

Brand violations abound, the kind of things that generally don't fly at Sony. Sure, it could simply be a mock-up, but with a working version being shown to publishers and retailers, we would expect that someone would have adhered to the branding details. These violations include Echochrome (officially echochrome), PlayStation Store (officially PLAYSTATION Store), and Little Big Planet (officially LittleBigPlanet).

It also seems a bit curious that the Haze icon would be grabbed from a PlayStation 3 wallpaper with XMB visible and that a Street Fighter IV trailer would be featured, as the latter hasn't been announced for consoles yet.

We also don't like the reflective text below everything and find the grammar mistakes and layout questionable, but we may just be looking to disprove it based on a handful of unusual choices by a rushed art department.

Consider this one rumour for now as we check with Sony and our other sources to determine if someone's just trying to pull a fast one on us. If it's a fake, it's a commendable effort. If it's real, we could learn to live with it. Maybe even love it.


    And on an SD screen that store would be completley un-use-able...

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