Itagaki Recommends? Gambling!

Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki is back with another masterclass in bad arsery! When asked what advice he'd give to young game developers, Itagaki replied:

I think people should gamble more. Or [they should]play something like backgammon, a game that's not a video game but more of an analogue traditional game... It really teaches you the core of game design... I think playing those types of games gives you the foundation... when you're gambling, you can't afford to have a chip on your shoulder. You have to make the right decision based on what the cards are in front of you. So you're constantly changing up your attitude and your position.

Picking up chicks and boozin' is a given, we guess! So take note, aspiring game makers and start saving your pennies. The backgammon table is calling you.
Advice to Aspiring Devs [MTV Multiplayer][Pic]


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