It's Official, The Japanese News Media Is Dumb

As alluded to yesterday, here is a screen clip from the Fuji TV nationwide network news attempting to draw a link between the senseless multiple stabbings by suspect Masahiro Kanagawa in Ibaraki Prefecture and gaming. Fuji TV flashed a clip of Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword and wrote this at the bottom of the screen:

Found in the suspect's bag was this katakana hack and slash game software—

Keep in mind that Kanagawa first murdered someone on March 19th and that Dragon Sword didn't go on sale on March 20th. Days later, he then proceeded to stab 8 bystanders, killing one, on March 23rd. As commenter Muu has pointed out, Kanagawa also apparently had several Eye of Judgement cards on him as well. Truth is, his reasons for doing this run deeper than any pixelated ninjas. Nothing like dime store Freud to help explain complex tragedies! Makes everything all better.
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword [My Game News Flash]


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