Jack Thompson Comes to EA's Rescue

Looks like I pegged this Thompson guy all wrong. Apparently he's willing to put his well-honed legal skills to good use in EA's efforts to acquire T2. Thompson's rambling missive states:

I am delighted to work with Electronic Arts to evict the Zelnick Trojan Horse from within Take-Two's corporate walls. In doing so, I can get the new Take-Two into the clear as to the trouble I and others can send its way.

Ooh - good catch, I need to check my PC for that Zelnick Trojan ASAP. Thank God for a Good Samaritan like Jack. In light of this attitude shift I vote we let him sit at the big kids table next Thanksgiving.

What a Guy... Jack Thompson is Ready to Help EA with T2 Takeover Bid [Game Politics]


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