Jade? Jade?! No, No. What Is Patrice Working On?

While others focused on Ubisoft producer Jade Raymond before Assassin's Creed, we were always wonder what the game's Creative Director Patric Desilets was doing, how his beard was and when he was going to accept our friend requests. In a recent interview with game site Game Daily, Ubisoft honcho Yves Guillemot says this about Patrice:

Jade Raymond and Patrice Desilets and the entire Assassin's Creed development team did an excellent job to create the game.

I view Jade as a very skilled and creative producer, the success of Assassin's Creed leaves no doubt about that and the attention she received from the media is due to the anticipation, buzz and quality of the game. She's currently working on a new project but it's a little too early to share more about it.

BUT WHAT IS PATRICE WORKING? We are saddened that Yves Guillemot knows this, and he will not tell us. Bastard.
Yves Interview [GameDaily via FiringSquad][Pic]


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