Japan Getting New AV Cradle For PSP

As it stands, watching movies or shows on your TV with your PSP is...well, it's not elegant. You hook the cables in, you press play, and...what the hell do you do with your PSP? Hold it? Sit it on the coffee table? It's messy. Enter Sony, with the just-announced PSP Cradle, which will not only power your handheld while it's outputting video, but also comes bundled with a remote control, meaning those days of you having to get up to press play are well and truly over. The cradle - due for release in Japan on April 24 - will come bundled with AV cables for ¥6500 ($US 62), while the cradle alone will cost ¥4800 ($US 46). No Western dates or prices, obviously, so don't bother asking. Further pics and press release dutifully follows.



Tokyo, March 4, 2008 - Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) responsible for business operations in Japan, today announced that it would release "Cradle"(PSP-S360)for the new slim and light PSP® (PSP-2000) in Japan on April 24th, 2008 at a recommended retail price of 4,800 yen
(including tax). A set of "Cradle & D Terminal AV Cable" (PSPJ-15013) will also become available at a recommended retail price of 6,500 yen (including tax).

"Cradle" will allow users to enjoy various entertainment content such as movies, videos and "1 Seg" viewing※1 by simply operating supplied card type remote control and also to charge the battery※2. "Cradle & D Terminal AV cable" fits for those who wish to enjoy PSP's high quality entertainment content on TVs in homes.※3 SCEJ will continue to expand the PSP platform and create a new world of computer entertainment with these new offerings.


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