"Japan Will Come Back"

Western games are really starting to come into their own. No wonder some think that Japan's place in the gaming sun has set. Japan-based-Capcom producer Ben Judd disagrees! While his Bionic Commando title is being developed by a buncha Swedes, he hasn't given up on The Land of the Rising Sun. According to Judd:

I mean, don't make any mistakes: The Japanese guys know that the west is starting to kick arse and take names, and they are studying those games. And from what I know of Japanese motivation and business practices is, if they ever feel that there is something that they're not staying on track with, or on target, then they study it, see what's great about it, then they learn how to do it better.

A lot of people talk about the Japanese industry being, you know, on the way out, in terms of design and stuff like that. I don't think that they're out yet. I think that they'll come back.<

He's probably right. And if he's not, well, then he'd be wrong. We shall see!
Judd on Japanese Development [GameSetWatch]


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