Japan's XNA Games Looking Surprisingly Nice

You'd think that, considering the tepid, room temperature-response most of you had for America's finest XNA-developed titles, Japan's would be even worse. After all, tons of Americans have a 360, but very, very few Japanese do. That logic is, however, all busted up, as Microsoft Japan have shown at their "XNA Game Studio Japan 2008 Spring Contest". While most American titles looked like flash games, most Japanese ones look like...well, Xbox games.

xna2.jpgBeing a contest, there were winners, with five titles singled out for praise from the 19 on show. The overall winner was the Okami-digging-minigame-looking puzzler Yamakake (pictured above), with other notable titles being gorgeous shooter Mazer Mayhem (pictured top) and mech combat game Armored Strider (below).

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