Jason Rubin Makes Star Magazine

Australian pop star turned "actress" Sophie Monk, who recently split with her fiancé, Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, was spotted at the Griddle Café in West Hollywood on February 15th with a new man!

Just three days after confirming she had split with her rocker-fiancée Benji Madden, Sophie Monk was spotted having brunch with video game designer Jason Rubin!

Could love be in the air for the Aussie starlet and the co-founder of Naughty Dog? One eyewitness told Star Magazine, "It looked like a date." Oh my god! If I never have to write this sort of tripe again it will be too soon. Pick a side, Rubin! Glamorous gossipy Hollywood or friendly, geeky gaming. I like writing about you, but the moment I type a serious sentence that begins with, "You'll never guess who was seen with..." is the moment before I go out shopping for bulk sleeping pills.

Game Designer Jason Rubin Makes The Tabloids [MTV Multiplayer]


    We had to know this... why?

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