Joe Ybarra on Stargate MMO, Free To Play, Licensing

It's hard to fault people for being really ambitious, and Joe Ybarra (producer of games ranging from The Bard's Tale to the Matrix Online, and now of Stargate Worlds) certainly sounds ambitious. Ybarra talked to Gamasutra about the problems of licensing IP, the MMO industry today, where Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment is headed. First, though, there's the Stargate MMO to worry about:

We have a lot of investors, because our company has all been privately funded with a range of investors, and of course our job is to make sure that they make a lot of money out of this process.

So, Stargate is actually, of course, our first product, and it's the one that's the most visible product, but if you look at what it takes to be a real player in our industry, part of what's made the better companies successful is the fact that they have scale.

It's an engaging interview that covers a wide variety of topics. We'll find out if a Stargate MMO is going to fly.

Y Control: Joe Ybarra On Cheyenne Mountain's Massive Plans [Gamasutra]


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