Jonathan Blow Braid Interview

I have a sort of love-hate relationship with Jonathan Blow. I still think he can come off like a pretentious jerk, but after some epistolary exchanges, I think we're maybe seeing a little more eye to eye on several key issues. But I adore his game Braid. I'm even willing to put up with the fact that it doesn't play nicely with my Mac: it's really a pleasure to play, and I'm looking forward to having it on my 360 so I can look at it on something bigger than my laptop. The guys at 1UP did an interview with developers Blow and David Hellman on the subject of Braid; we posted the gameplay montage a few weeks back. Now you have another chance to hear Blow talking about why Braid is pretty awesome. And I will — for once — gleefully concur on a lot of it.



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