Ken Levine Still Involved In BioShock 2

With BioShock 2 in the hands of 2K Marin, and no longer at 2K Boston and 2K Australia, many of us were left wondering if designer and BioShock face Ken Levine would be working on the title. It would appear that he will be, in some capacity, at least, according to Take-Two CEO Ben Feder. He said today that Levine is "a terrific asset to the company and a brilliant game developer" and confirmed, in a roundabout way, that he'd be involved.

While most of the development duties sound like they'll be undertaken by the Marin studio, Take-Two's Strauss Zelnick echoed Feder's praise, saying that Levine is "critical to BioShock". 2K Boston is said to be working on a separate intellectual property for 2K Games, but hopefully Ken will be at the very least creatively consulting on BioShock 2.


    Well how fantastic for the local industry.... (sarcasm). Damn, it's just one piece of bad news after the other today. Well, looks like it's a no sale for Bioshock 2 for me - and Bioshock is my favourite game, ever. Seriously, even if these guys DON'T get assimillated and crushed by the evil EA, they'll have been through the meat mincer enough by the time this launches that it'll be pointless. Seriously, guys, Bioshock sold because it was GOOD, not because it had the name 'Bioshock'. Don't think people will buy crappy sequels forever. This needs to be QUALITY, 2k. Quality.

    Who am I kidding... I *might* still buy this... IF EA doesn't get their grubby mits on it.

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