Killer Murders 2, Stabs Seven, Played Sexy Fighter

This Sunday, 24 year-old Masahiro Kanagawa knifed 8 random people at a shopping mall in Ibaraki Prefecture. Seven of the eight were seriously injured, while the eighth (a 27 year-old man) died on the way to the hospital. Kanagawa fatally stabbed a 72 year-old man earlier this month, after deciding not to go through with his original plan: A murder spree at his former elementary school. According to the police, Kanagawa said:

I just wanted to see what it was like to kill. It could have been anyone.

Horrible tragedy and our deepest condolences to all those who were affected. Seems that the name "Masahiro Kanagawa" matches another "Masahiro Kanagawa" who placed at a Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball tournament in Akihabara a few years back. Police fliers of Kanegawa's face and various info. gather from newspapers indicate that this is the same Masahiro Kanagawa. Images from the tournament of Kanegawa were up at Japanese game site Game Watch Impress (here and here), but have since been taken down.

Besides a blurb in The Ibaraki Shinbun that Kanagawa loved video games, the mainstream Japanese media hasn't made the connection (and really, there isn't any connection to be made between gaming and this truly disturbed individual), but Japanese Sony fanboys have. This news story has been copied and pasted into pretty much every Xbox-related 2ch thread. And that's kinda sad! Still, if the mainstream media does pick this story up, we look forward to see how they explain DoA didn't inspire Kanagawa to smoother people with large, fake breasts.
1 Dead, 7 Injured [Mainichi Thanks, Muu!]

Update: Just saw the Japanese evening news, and the game connection has already been picked up on. The news mentioned that the killer was into fighting games and Final Fantasy. A Japanese person into Final Fantasy? Holy shit. Since most of the victims were stabbed in places like the neck, one "expert" was saying that it was through fighting games that Kanagawa learned about the body's weak points as assume things like that are only taught in video games.


    That is probably one of the most retarded things I have heard of. Learning the neck is a weak point from playing a video game?

    Do they have Fox news in Japan?

    Vidio games are getting blamed for EVERYTHING now days. We will only be aloud to play non-vilent games soon. :(

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