Kojima Moving On From Metal Gear Solid, But To What?

Metal Gear Solid series director, producer, and writer Hideo Kojima has long planned to let loose the reins to the Metal Gear line, but it appear he may be finally moving on. A recent report on Japanese web site Nikkei BP, by way of IGN, reveals that Kojima already has designs for a new game that doesn't feature Snake on the hunt for nuke deploying robots, but what it is hasn't been revealed.

Kojima, who has overseen development on original Konami franchises like Zone of the Enders and Boktai, may talk about what's on deck for Kojima Productions, but not until after Metal Gear Online gets a "major push". That's according to Konami president Fumiaki Tanaka, who says the company is also working on reviving some of its classic franchises.

I've got a zillion dollars on an HD remake of Martial Champion. Who wants some of this action?

Hideo Kojima Working on New Title [IGN]


    SNATCHER!! A remake of Snatcher would be a perfect fit for the wii... Who's with me?

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