Konami President Thinks People Are Waiting for MGS4

Metal Gear Solid 4 is a big game. Big games have big expectations. How many copies does Konami president Fumiaki Tanaka think it will sell? He's aiming for a million worldwide, it seems. Certainly that's not impossible! Like we said, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a big game. Still, Konami must be worried about the install base. Will it take a long time for Konami to hit its million sold target? Says Tanaka:

Now, potential users are going, 'When that game comes out, I want to get a PS3,' and they're waiting for that title to come out. When MGS4 comes out, other companies will put out their big PS3 titles out, and then gradually won't the install number grow?

If not, hey, you could always put the game on, you know, another console.
Tanaka Interview [Trendy]


    Ps3 has a plenty big enough install base to hit a million copies not even counting the PS3's that will be bought when this game comes out. They just need to take a page out of M$ book and actually have some decent advertising.

    One Million copies world wide!! is that all??

    MGS sold roughly 7 million
    MGS2 " " 7 "
    MGS3 " " 4 "

    Does he mean like 1 million in the first year?
    This game shouln't have any problem reaching 1 million sales.

    PLAYSTATION 3 has enough people it will hit more than that trust me. This game will make history and sice is gonna be blunble with the 80 gig PS3 it will sell more. Sony doesn't need to waste money like Microsoft does to sell anything they have real loyal fan they don't need to buy them off with crappy useless ad like Microsoft always does. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be huge just watch some of the videos out now and you will be hooked on the game. No game will make more money than this one well maybe GTA IV or FFXIII that's all. Xbox 360 sucks big time PS3 RuLeZ ALL...

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