Konami Sexes Up Contra Promotion In Japan

Go for the groin! That's Konami of Japan's marketing motto, apparently, as it's pitching the overseas release of Contra 4 with a simple formula. They're deploying "Contra Girls" to the editorial offices of outlets like Impress Game Watch to get Japanese gamers interested in WayForward Technologies' old-school style shooter. Seems to be working so far, as the staffers at Game Watch can't possibly dress up like that at work everyday.

Beats playing Contra: Dual Spirits, as they call it, with two beefy fellas cosplaying Lance and Bill. If photos of ladies carrying guns and pastel Nintendo DSs is your thing, make sure to check out the entirety of Game Watch's coverage of two girls hanging around its offices.

Konami's Contra Girls Visit The Impress Editorial Offices [Impress Game Watch]


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