Kotaku Named Best Worldwide Resource for Video Games (In Denver)

Every year newspapers and alt papers around the country print mammoth guides to their community to highlight the best places to eat, hang-out, drink, go shopping and what have you.

This year I was surprised to find that (Denver) Westword's 25th Annual Best of edition included a special category just for Kotaku, complimenting both video games and our site in the entry:

Best Worldwide Resource for Video Games (2008)
Video games are quickly ascending to a place of cultural dominance, joining movies and music in terms of earning power and cultural cachet. One of the biggest and best websites covering this transformation is Denver-based www.kotaku.com, which includes live coverage of key events, such as the recent Game Developers Conference, and original features on nearly every important thing in gaming. Managing editor Brian Crecente, a longtime veteran of the Rocky Mountain News, runs the megablog, continuing a tradition of delivering top-notch coverage.

Woo-hoo time to break out the cake and champagne. OK, maybe just Twinkies and punch.

Best Worldwide Resource for Video Games (2008) [Westword]


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