Last Call For PSP2 Concepts!

We just wanted to send out a notice that today is the last day to submit your PSP2 concept designs for the first ever, last ever, official Unofficial Kotaku PSP2 Design Challenge. We've actually received some decent designs—but believe it or not—we've received some real crap, too. Just so you know, the whole "5-year-old sketches a PSP2" bit has been done (pictured here). So, those looking to get in an entry before the deadline should realise that the joke has been made, we actually laughed and now we can all carry on with our lives.

Thanks Timothy!


    Lmao oh helllll no, 3 analog sticks?
    gennnnnniusssss =]

    50 inch screen,thats more that 4 feet!!thats huge for a psp

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