Let's Ask Itagaki About Tecmo Bowl!

Tecmo is best known for Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive and Tecmo Bowl. Since Tomonobu Itagaki works at Tecmo and since MTV was interviewing Itagaki, they asked when Tecmo was going to revitalise Tecmo Bowl. Says Itagaki:

To be honest that was a totally different division that made that announcement, so I have no idea what's going on with that... I'm in a tough position because when I am making Dead or Alive, for instance, all the Ninja Gaiden fans say quit messing around with Dead or Alive and make a sequel to Ninja Gaiden. When I'm making a new Ninja Gaiden, all the Dead or Alive fans are like, "You have to quit that and start making Dead or Alive. And that's tough enough as it is, but I also get letters all the time for the past 10 years from Tecmo Bowl fans saying, "When are you going to resurrect that franchise?" So it's tough being in my position.

Tough, indeed. Itagaki didn't even mention all the boozing and badarsery that's expected of him. Oh, the pressure!
New Tecmo Bowl [MTV][Pic]


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