Line Rider Wii And DS This Summer

Way back in December of 2006, InXile announced that they had picked up the rights to the popular internet toy Line Rider and were working on versions for the Nintendo Wii and DS - and then everything got quiet, at least until January, when we posted a clip of commercial version of the game in action. Now we finally have word of an impending release, courtesy of Genius Products LLC, which plans on making its debut in the video game publishing market with Line Rider this summer. The game features a story mode concerning a sledder named Bosh who has to navigate over 40 puzzles created by Line Rider star TechDawg in order to save his girlfriend from some guy named Chaz. Luckily players will also be able to create their own levels, which is the very reason the 'game' was so popular in the first place. Hit the completely hand-drawn jump for the full press release.


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