Liveblogging The Gizmondo GA Tech Lecture

Carl Freer founded Gizmondo back in 2002, the idea for the ultimate handheld gaming system stemming from a child tracking product he had been developing. Three years later he resigned from his position as Chairman of the Board, the company and product both having failed miserably. Now three years later, Freer is spearheading the relaunch of the Gizmondo, ready to take another shot at the market. In a talk entitled "High Tech Ventures in Mobile Gaming and Media" at Georgia Tech, Freer will discuss his experience starting and running high tech companies, with a focus on the failure and forthcoming rebirth of the Gizmondo. Let's see what the man has to say.


    This is the best news I've heard in a long time. Sure, I own consoles, but, really, I could live without them. Having extra gaming devices that are really just PCs with multiplayer on one system that plug into a TV isn't really that pointful. Handhelds, and systems that offer a completely different experience however, are great. And while the DS does this, I think opening Gizmondo up will really allow people to do innovative things with it, and give it something nothing else can offer. Just look at the GP32!

    Holy crap. Gizmondo actually has a chance. If they have that augmented reality game with the camera, I'll get one at launch!

    The guy is an absolute crook, ask him about paying $7 million to his side companies Northern Lights and Game Factories, for ZERO work. Then his partner in theft Mike Carrender allegedly put the money aside from Freer in an escrow account waiting the ruling of the fairness committee.

    However, the company didnt pay the fairness comittee so the money went back to Freer.

    Oh, but it gets better, ask him about how Richard Clayton created a fake bank website for this escrow account, and guess what? The money never left Carl Freer's control.

    Or, ask him about raising $14 million to buyout an investor that was selling the company stock, only to find out later, that he was actually buying out himself.

    Carl Freer is a crook and everyone associated with him is one as well, he screwed TONS of us employees, and we will NEVER forget, nor forgive.

    Even more about Freer, he has been convicted in Germany and Monoco of Auto theft.

    Or, ask him about paying $600,000 to one of his buddies Peter Uf for a completed game called City, when it was never completed at all, nor even started.

    The Gizmondo failed because Carl Freer, Mike Carrender, Steve Carroll, Steffan Erickson, Peter Uf and the rest were in it to put money in their own pockets.

    The fact that he is trying to spread this baloney again is aggravating, and look at his Wikipedia entry, his army is busy cleaning up his image, but the man is a pathalogical liar, and can't go back to many countries.....don't fall for his crap.

    Also, Freer started 13 companies in Sweden the few years before Gizmondo, and ALL of them went bankrupt. The guy just steals money from investors and moves on.

    To start Gizmondo he stole $20 million from Eagle Eye productions (or some name like that) he got the loan then had them invest the money in Gizmondo/tiger telematics then bankrupted Eagle eye.

    Also, he got arrested over the US for impersonating a homeland security officer and almost got deported.

    Amazing how he is out trying to raise money where people don't know the truth, but we will follow him wherever he goes and spread the truth about this crook.

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