Man Gets PlayStation 3 Tattoo For Some Bizarre Reason

A man who goes by the handle MobileTone, a reader of Sony's semi-official blog ThreeSpeech, has decided that permanently tattooing "PS3" on his right forearm was a good idea. Odd that he didn't go with the official typeface for the "world's first PS3 tattoo", but also quite understandable. I'm sure that PS3 text can be gracefully re-inked into something else, should he grow tired of it. The tattooed man says "I doubt i'll ever regret it" but speaking from the experience of having a 3DO tattoo on your left calf and never knowing the comfort of shorts for fear of ridicule, I'm fairly certain a tinge of regret will hit one day.

He's Only Gone And Done It - World's First PS3 Tattoo [ThreeSpeech]


    He must enjoy being a distant third in all walks of life

    It's intriguing the opinions that you have all formed about this mans lifestyle, personality and ambitions simply on the basis of a single tattoo...

    What actually do you intend to achieve through this?

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