Mass Effect 2 Will Blow You Away

Earlier today, we heard that Mass Effect 2 is already confirmed for PCs. How nice. But that's too much news and not enough hype for my fanboy taste. So I'm grabbing the Mass Effect 2 Hypometer and cranking it up to 11...maybe even 12. Because when talking about the upcoming title, BioWare's Senior Manager Matt Atwood had this to say:

How will it correlate to Mass Effect, the original? There's a lot of really exciting answers to that question. I think that people are going to be blown away.

He continued:

I've learned some of the things. I don't mean to tease people. The teams are just so brilliant and the story writing is so good that straight out from the beginning of Mass Effect 2, people are going to be in awe...I will tell you that things you did and people you interacted with in Mass Effect... you may very well meet up with them again, whether it be the main character or other characters.

The first game lived up to expectations. If the second is more of the same with some of the technical glitches smoothed out, that's pretty much enough to awe me.

Mass Effect 2 will blow people away [VideoGamer] [image]


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